Meet Our Team

Meet the people who bring you the delicious products you know and love.


Meet the Millers

Simeon and Levi are dedicated to turning the wheat berries into Whole Wheat or Sifted Wheat and Pastry flours. They have mastered the art of milling which allows the wheat flour to be consistent and delicious!

Meet the Producers

Meet Adarsha and Jim. They both come from completely different backgrounds, one from the United States and the other from Nepal. Together they carefully package each individual product to get it to you.

Meet Our Production Team


Angela works to painstakingly package all of the retail packages, from the half pound packages of Sorghum Maple Pecan Granola to the two pound packages of flour!

Meet Our Production Team

Meet the Manager

Say hello to Kash! He is from across the globe in Malaysia. Kash ensures everything here at the Gristmill runs efficiently and smoothly and helps fill in the gaps when they arise!

Meet Our Manager

Meet the Administrators

Shelley and Michelle keep the office running smoothly. They work on receiving your order, preparing all of the paperwork for it and ensuring it is all accurate before it gets to Adarsha and Jim.

Meet The Administrators

Meet Our Administrators

Meet the Customer Service

Lastly, meet Batyah. She is the one whom you most likely have talked with concerning your orders, comments and helpful feedback here as well as via email!

Meet The Customer Service

Our Food Safety Program Manager is Marc Kuehl. He also helps with social media, website, and email marketing.